At 24Seven Digital Media we love technology, and it’s at the forefront of everything we do.
In fact, our investment in technology is what separates us from our competitors and gives us a distinct advantage in the digital marketing industry. Along with harnessing our existing systems, we’re constantly on the lookout for new developments and ways to improve the success of our clients.

Using our own proprietary software, the 24Seven Digital Media Marketing Platform stands as one clear example of our advanced capabilities.

What is the 24Seven Digital Media Marketing Platform?

Every client who works with us will have access to the 24Seven Digital Media Marketing Platform – a truly revolutionary way to track online marketing performance.

The result of years of development, the Platform is highly sophisticated, yet simple to use – allowing businesses to view how online users are interacting with their advertising in real time. The Platform measures views and clicks as well as ‘real leads’ – including phone calls, emails and web enquiries.

Advanced Functionality

The Platform is enabled with a range of functions which help measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and team, as well as support your sales process.
Key functions include:

  • Full Google AdWords and PPC integration
  • Campaign creation and monitoring
  • Live click-through and impression data
  • Live lead tracking (email/web/phone)
  • Missed call notifications and phone call recording (inbound)
  • ROI analytics and calculator


Whilst most other digital marketing agencies only provide superficial business intelligence, 24Seven Digital Media’s in-depth and transparent data gives you greater cost efficiency and insight into the habits of your customers.
By viewing how your campaigns are performing (in real time), you can make adjustments to your underachieving ads, improving your overall results.
Meanwhile, our call recording software allows you to monitor your team and identify areas for training, not to mention recapture mishandled leads and turn them into additional sales. Whether you have your own staff, or are outsourcing to a call centre, every opportunity to improve poorly handled calls should be taken.
For advertising agencies, media publishers and other companies seeking to leverage 24Seven Digital Media technology, our reporting and call tracking software enables you to deliver reports to clients with solid information about leads generated online, as well as through print, radio, TV and outdoor advertising.

To find out more about the 24Seven Digital Media Marketing Platform and how to use it, get in touch with us and make an enquiry.

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