24Seven Digital Media works with businesses of all sizes in Australia and New Zealand as well as a partner to advertising and marketing agencies seeking to leverage our services.

Google Search and Pay Per Click (PPC)

In modern society, people are turning to Google to search for information and services as they need them. When consumers are looking for your product or service, 24Seven Digital Media will make sure you get found. Targeted, astute and backed by a deep understanding of Google advertising principles, your Pay Per Click campaign with 24Seven Digital Media will be optimised for maximum ROI and constantly performance monitored.

Capabilities Include:

  • Google search strategy in-line with business objectives and budget
  • Ad creation and optimisation
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and adjustment
  • Comprehensive reporting and ROI data

Google Display

Cost-effective and proven, 24Seven Digital Media’s Google Display solution puts your business in front of consumers on the websites they visit. Hosted on dynamic banner ads, we’ll create a Google Display campaign using targeting techniques which drive traffic to your website or other online destination.

Capabilities Include:

  • Google Display strategy in-line with business objectives and budget
  • Banner creation and optimisation
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and adjustment
  • Comprehensive reporting and ROI data

Re-Marketing / Re-Targeting

Target the customers who’ve demonstrated an interest in your business with 24Seven Digital Media’s innovative re-marketing and re-targeting solution. Re-marketing works by identifying the consumers who’ve visited your website and then displaying your banner ads on other sites they visit. Similarly, re-targeting draws on consumer search terms, displaying your advertising in front of people who are in the market for your product or service (as per their Google search). Both of these strategies ensure your brand remains front of mind when shoppers are ready to make a purchase.
Capabilities Include:

  • Strategy development, including message construction and creative execution
  • Technical set-up of advertising
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and adjustment
  • Comprehensive reporting and ROI data

Digital Video Advertising

Digital video ads provide an outstanding opportunity for businesses to connect with and engage their customers. 24Seven Digital Media helps clients demonstrate their products and services in action, often dramatically increasing leads, especially when administrated via YouTube and the Google Display network.

Capabilities Include:

  • Strategy development
  • Optional creative execution
  • Technical set-up and adjustment
  • Comprehensive reporting and ROI data

Website Creation

Every day, new business is being won and lost based purely on the design and functionality of websites. A clear, compelling and strategically crafted website makes an incredible difference to your online success. 24Seven Digital Media helps clients impress their online visitors, converting them into qualified leads. Working from scratch, or with an existing web-presence, 24Seven Digital Media’s team will make your website sing harmoniously alongside your other online marketing.

Capabilities Include:

  • New website development
  • Existing website enhancement
  • Creative design
  • Engaging content
  • SEO optimisation (on page/off page)
  • E-commerce design/development


SEO is not purely about web traffic. It’s also about attracting the right people to your website, that is, the people who need your service and are looking for your product. With decades of combined experience in best SEO practice, the 24Seven Digital Media team works with clients on an ongoing basis to maintain their position at the top of Google search results.

Capabilities Include:

  • SEO website auditing and planning
  • Ongoing management to improve organic results
  • On page/off page SEO optimisation
  • Link building, article submission, content creation
  • Comprehensive reporting and ROI data

Business Planning/Strategy

Most businesses have some kind of plan, but the most successful ones incorporate it into their marketing and advertising efforts. 24Seven Digital Media offers comprehensive business planning and strategic consultancy with clients, helping them to construct a framework that supports their marketing budget and provides a clear indicator for ROI.

Capabilities Include:

  • Business structure auditing and advice
  • Business plan development
  • Creation of formal quality systems, inc. marketing plans
  • Ongoing auditing and review of business performance

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